"I want you to know that I am big fan of Dr. Molina and grateful for all that he had done for me. The pellet was the key to my ability to row the Pacific in a world record time, but more importantly the pellet enabled me to recover during the row and step off the boat looking healthy and feeling strong.   Many of my fellow competitors suffered muscle fatigue, mood shifts and skin damage. The amazing thing to me is that while I was stiff I was never sore. During the worst of times (hurricanes, rowing at night, equipment failures) my mood stayed steady and I felt clear-headed about decisions I had to make. Don't get me wrong I am an experienced endurance athlete with a strong will and commitment, but I know the pellet made the difference between just rowing and making it and rowing and placing 1st in pairs. The race medical doctor said she could not believe how well my body took the stress and recovered." - 

Pat Hines

“I was absolutely desperate. My hormone levels were so low that I developed physiological changes that prevented me from pursuing an intimate relationship. Before I found Dr. Molina I had been to see other doctors. They prescribed tried hormone creams and pills. They did not touch my symptoms. I experienced such profound depression and lack of focus that I was unable to work and facing bankruptcy. With Dr. Molina I felt comfortable right away. He really listened and took time to answer all my questions. BioTE has been an absolute miracle for me. Within three weeks my physiological changes were reversed! My depression had lifted. My focus is improving everyday. Thanks to BioTE I feel alive again, enjoying a satisfying personal relationship and my business is once again thriving. Thank you BioTE and Dr. Molina” - Marni Spencer-Devlin

Marni Spencer-Devlin

​Patient Testimonials

Pat Hines

Former professional model, Marni Spencer-Devlin is the founder and former president of ocdm marketing company, which she turned into a multimillion-dollar enterprise with seventy employees. She sold the company in 2010 and currently works as a business consultant and marketing communications expert under her new company name of Passion4Profit. 

She is a blogger and video blogger and the author of two books; her Amazon #1 bestselling autobiography Crawling Into The Light - From Tragedy To Triumph and the metaphysical book, The Iceberg Principles - The Truth About The Universe And Your Place In It. Marni is a sought-after motivational speaker. She was the cover and featured article for Grey Matters magazine and has extensive media experience.